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Here is Hanna getting her regular de-shed treatment.  The process of de-shedding uses a special tool that gets deep into the undercoat removing large amounts of dead hair. Because so much unwanted hair is removed, pet owners often notice up to 80-90% less shedding!

Hanna the dog getting a de-shed treatment.

Hanna getting a de-shed treatment.

The globs of hair on the side of the tub are what I removed from Hanna that day. She feels so much better now without all that extra dead hair stuck to her. And her owners really appreciate that she doesn’t shed as much at home!


Yorkie Cuteness


Here’s Pepper all fixed up and ready for the holidays. Doesn’t she have the cutest face?



Playing Dress Up


Our Princess dressed up as a pirate for Halloween. Did your fur babies get dressed up? I would love to see your costumes!



Lola a cute maltese mix with orange bows for Halloween.

Lola – Maltese Mix

Here’s Lola, a maltese mix, dressed up and ready for Halloween.


Keep Antifreeze Away from Your Pets




This week’s Klip Joint dog of the week is Lexie, a Chinese Crested powderpuff. Lexie is a full-coated Chinese Crested. Her owner likes to keep her clipped shorter to avoid matting.

A Powderpuff has a long, soft coat. Both Hairless and Powderpuff varieties can appear in the same litter. The look of the Powderpuff varies according to how it is groomed. When its fur is completely grown out on its face, it strongly resembles a terrier; however, the Powderpuff is usually shaved around the snout as a standard cut. The Powderpuff Chinese Crested is an elegant and graceful dog who makes a loving companion, playful and entertaining. The Puff’s coat is long and silky soft. Ears are large and erect.

Odorless, non-shedding, and hypo-allergenic, these are great dogs for allergy sufferers. They have been described as having “a supermodel look, with a saint personality.” Powderpuffs are very affectionate, lively, playful, and love to be cuddled.

We love to cuddle your fluffy friends at Klip Joint Dog Grooming!


Lexie, Chinese Crested Powderpuff

Brody – Gentle and Affectionate


This is Brody, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Doesn’t he have the prettiest eyes?

Friendly and easy to train, the Cavalier is a trustworthy companion for children and thrives as part of a family. The coat requires weekly brushing, but no trimming. The breed is adaptable in their need for exercise, happy with either sleeping on the couch or taking long walks.

We will treat your dog like a king at the Klip Joint Dog Grooming – make an appointment today!


Brody – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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