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Izzy – Not an Ewok!


This weeks Klip Joint dog of the week is Izzy, a Brussels Griffon. Izzy is one of our favorite visitors at Klip Joint because of her easy-going disposition.

The Brussels Griffon is a sturdy toy dog that is often thought to look like an Ewok from the Star Wars movie. The Griffon is an intelligent, cheerful dog with a terrier-like disposition. With lots of personality, it makes a fine companion dog and is good with other dogs and cats. Affectionate, charming, lively and curious, they love everyone.

Once kept by cab drivers of 17th century Brussels to rid their stables of vermin, the Brussels Griffon became a companion breed by virtue of its appealing character.

The Brussels Griffon doesn’t shed much, but requires regular brushing and is often clipped short to make grooming easier.

We will give your cute little fur babies extra TLC at Klip Joint dog grooming – call today for an appointment!

Izzy the Brussels Griffon getting trimmed

Izzy – Brussels Griffon

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  1. 09/15/2015 8:10 pm

    Adorable doggie!

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