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Sleepy Angel

Angel the maltese dog in the cage after grooming.

This week’s Klip Joint dog of the week is Angel, an elderly Maltese. Angel has been coming to see us for a long time and knows the routine. After grooming she always puts her nose on the bars of the cage and dozes off while waiting for her owner to arrive.

Maltese have no undercoat, and have little to no shedding if cared for properly. Like their relatives, the Poodles and Bichon Frisé, they are considered to be largely hypoallergenic and many people who are allergic to dogs may not be allergic to the Maltese.  Regular grooming is also required to prevent the coats of non-shedding dogs from matting. Many owners will keep their Maltese clipped in a “puppy cut”, a 1–2 inch all over trim that makes the dog resemble a puppy.

Daily cleaning is required to prevent the risk of tear-staining. Dark staining in the hair around the eyes, “tear staining”, can be a problem in this breed, and is mostly a function of how much the individual dog’s eyes water and the size of the tear ducts. To get rid of tear staining, a solution or powder can be specially made for tear stains, which can often be found in local pet stores. A fine-toothed metal pet comb, moistened with hot water and applied twice weekly, also works extremely well.

Make an appointment today for your little angels at Klip Joint Dog Grooming!

Angel the maltese dog dozing off in the cage.

Angel dozes while waiting to be picked up.

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  1. 08/28/2015 9:47 pm

    Aloha and a Maltese salute to Angel!

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