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Little Dixie Bell


This week’s Klip Joint dog of the week is Dixie Bell, an adorable Shih Tzu. We took her out for a break before her bath and she tried to hide under the lawn chair. She is a sweet girl, but she doesn’t care for the bath part of grooming! She looked even cuter when we were finished.

Most people opt for keeping their Shih Tzu’s coat clipped short, which makes it easier to groom for the owner and more comfortable for the dog. You will still need to brush and comb your dog, at least several times per week, every other day is even better and a once over every evening is ideal.

Daily brushing and combing will prevent most mats from forming, but if daily grooming is not possible, de-matting might be necessary.

We will take good care of your little darlings at Klip Joint Dog Grooming!


Dixie Bell tried to hide from us to avoid her bath.

















Dixie Bell after grooming.


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  1. 06/26/2015 6:37 pm

    Wow! What a beautiful girl!!

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