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A Tad Tangled Up


This week’s Klip Joint dog of the week is Jasper, a Japanese Spitz. It has been a couple of years since Jasper has been to see us. We had to shave him down because he was so matted. His fur came off like a carpet. This shows how important it is to regularly brush double coated dogs.

A dog like this should be brushed twice a week with a good pin brush to get down to the base of the coat. A spitz doesn’t have to be bathed very often because their fur repels dirt, much like non-stick cookware. But regular brushing is necessary to get out the dead hair and prevent matting. A wet washcloth can be used to wipe tear stains or dirt from the face, if needed. This type of dog will lose their coat at least once a year, so extra brushing may be needed during that time.

A spitz is a wonderful loving and loyal companion dog. Brushing time can be loving time and your spitz will LOVE the extra attention.

At Klip Joint Dog Grooming, we offer deshedding to help remove dead hair and prevent matting. Call us for more information at 806-358-4758.

Jasper - Japanese Spitz

Jasper, before shaving.















Jasper’s coat almost came off in one piece.
















Jasper – cleaned up and ready to start a new coat.



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