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Jazzing It Up!


Our Klip Joint Dog of the Week is Jazzy, a 3-year-old Maltese/Yorkie mix. Maltese and Yorkie dogs both have long hair that requires daily brushing to prevent matting. You can also wash their faces daily with a warm washcloth to prevent staining from food, etc.

Don’t forget to check the dog’s ears every week to make sure there is no infection. Indications of ear problems are sensitivity to touch, heavy wax buildup, debris, inflammation, strong odor, shaking or scratching the ears or tilting the head to the side. These are conditions that require a visit to your veterinarian. Maltese dogs are susceptible to bacterial and fungus infections. If  you like, we can remove hair inside their ears during grooming to help prevent infection.

Bring your fluffy friends to the Klip Joint for a complete makeover!

Jazzy - Before grooming

Jazzy – Before grooming

Jazzy about half-way through grooming.

Jazzy about half-way through grooming.

Jazzy finished grooming

Jazzy finished.

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  1. 11/22/2014 8:18 pm

    Maltese salute and aloha!

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