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Special Needs Dogs


Today I want to feature 3 special dogs that come to visit the Klip Joint for grooming.

First is Mr. Wilson. He is an elder dog. He always watches out the window for his owner, even though he can’t really see very well.

Mr. Wilson a small, elder, gray dog at Klip Joint dog grooming

Mr. Wilson watching for his ride.













Next is Bella. She has only one eye, but it doesn’t seem to slow her down. She is always very calm and cooperative when we groom her.


Bella, sweet little girl with one eye.











Last is Dee. Dee is a special dog that we have loved grooming for some time. Recently, she had a bad fall and broke her leg in such a way that it was better to amputate it than try to fix it. She has been doing very well and is adjusting to her new 3-legged life in positive way. She hasn’t been cranky at all and gets around now like nothing happened.


Dee, our gentle amputee.



At the Klip Joint, we will handle your special-needs dog with extra care, gentleness and patience to provide the most positive grooming experience possible.


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