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We Love Lucy!

Lucy, a gray Schnauzer mixed dog

This week’s Klip Joint dog of the week is Lucy, a beautiful, gray Schnauzer mix. She has lovely eyes, a sweet disposition and fabulous floppy ears! We’re not sure what Lucy’s mix is. If she is part dachshund, she would be called a Miniature Schnoxie. If she is part Maltese, she might be called a Malzer. We prefer to think she is a designer mix because she is so beautiful!

Schnauzers are fairly low-maintenance dogs. They have a soft undercoat that is covered by wiry hair. Schnauzers are usually droolers, so regular beard cleaning is necessary. However, shedding is minimal. They are intelligent, high-energy dogs that need things to do, so regular exercise is recommended.

Lucy, a gray Schnauzer mixed dog

Lucy is a sweet dog with beautiful eyes and great floppy ears.



















No matter what you’re dog’s ancestry or heritage, they will be treated like stars at the Klip Joint Dog Grooming!




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  1. 08/09/2014 12:08 am

    Lucy looks fantastic

  2. fredrieka permalink
    08/09/2014 6:03 am

    Lucy is so pretty

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