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Good to Be Mixed Up

Sammy, a mixed breed dog

Today’s Klip Joint dog of the week is Sammy. Sammy is a mixed breed dog and comes to see us every two months, or so. He has a great personality and a really expressive face.

Here are a few good reasons to get a mixed breed dog:

  1. Mixed breed dogs have plenty of variety. While it’s true that you can find a purebred dog in any shape and size, you may have to visit a specialized breeder or a high-end pet store to find the one you like. Whether you’re looking for a dog who can fit in your lap or a mixed-breed canine who can join in on your active lifestyle, there’s a good chance you can find a mixed breed dog with the qualities you’re looking for.
  2. Mixed breed dogs are less expensive. If you haven’t inquired about pricing with a high-end breeder, you may be shocked to find out that a purebred dog can cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. On the other hand, mixed breed dogs are far less expensive and chances are, you’ll be helping out your local rescue group in the process.
  3. Your mixed breed dog may live longer. According to, many studies comparing the lifespan of mixed breed dogs and purebred dogs have shown that mixed breed dogs usually have longer lifespans than their counterparts. Because of their genetic diversity, they have a decreased risk of developing genetic disorders and diseases that may be more prevalent in purebred canines.
  4. Mixed breed dogs have unique personalities. While all dogs are different in their own way, mixed breed canines are a bit more unpredictable and can sometimes draw on many of the genetic traits that they possess. Purebred dogs are usually known for consistent personality traits across the board, but most mixed-breed canines have wonderful personalities and can be far more multifaceted and adaptable to various environments than purebreds.

At the Klip Joint Dog Grooming, we love all breeds and all mixes. Come for a visit!

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  1. 06/20/2014 5:12 pm

    I love mixed breed dogs! I recently lost mine, but he lived for 19 years and was very healthy and active right up to the end. I hope to get another soon. One just for me! I have to share our other ones! lol!

    • 06/23/2014 8:39 am

      Sorry for the loss of your dog. They become like family, don’t they? Glad you are willing to adopt and hope you find another good companion soon!

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