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Just a little Sugar-foot


This week’s Klip Joint Dog of the Week is Sugarfoot, a gray Miniature Poodle. She was so good at posing for the camera, she should be a professional model.

Poodles must be bathed regularly and clipped every six to eight weeks. Clean and check the ears frequently for wax or mites or infection and pull out hairs growing inside the ear canal. The teeth need regular scaling. Since the coat does not shed it needs to be clipped. There are several different types of Poodle clips. The most common for pet owners is an easy-care clip called a “pet clip,” “puppy clip” or “lamb clip,” where the coat is cut short all over the body. Popular show clips are the English saddle and the Continental clip where the rear half of the body is shaved, bracelets are left around the ankles, and pom-poms are left on the tails and hips. Other clip styles are the modified continental clip, town and country clip, kennel or utility clip, summer clip, and the Miami of bikini clip. Poodles shed little to no hair and are good for allergy sufferers.

I’ve written here before about how smart poodles are and I found this video of a poodle playing the guitar to prove it.





Sugarfoot the gray miniature poodle sitting on the grooming table

Sugarfoot – Gray Miniature Poodle

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  1. 05/13/2014 7:17 pm

    Thanks so much for liking my drawing “Nikki in Profile” on my blog. You have some great photographs on your site. I base my drawings on photos so I am very interested in photographs of pets.

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