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Do You Brush Your Dog’s Teeth?


There is nothing more important for your dog’s oral hygiene than proper dog teeth cleaning. Unhealthy gums and teeth are not only painful, but can cause serious overall health problems for your dog.

We find that establishing a routine and sticking with it is the best way for your dog to get used to having its teeth brushed. The key to success is to remain patient and not force him to let you brush his teeth.

Start by getting your dog used to having its mouth handled. Then introduce the toothbrush and paste. Do not use human toothpaste! It can be very harmful to your dog. There are all kinds of flavored toothpaste for dogs available at your local pet store. When you choose flavors like chicken, beef or turkey your dog will look forward to having his teeth brushed. Start out very slow and be consistent. There are also special toothbrushes with soft bristles for dogs. They come in various sizes, so be sure to get the right one for your dog. Use a gentle circular motion of the toothbrush on the outer surfaces of your dog’s teeth.

Don’t scold your dog if he doesn’t want you to brush his teeth. Pick a time of day after your dog has had some exercise so he is ready to sit still for a few minutes. Sometimes, it’s helpful to offer him a yummy treat after you get done.

Here is an excellent video that shows the proper technique.

There are some kinds of dog food that are specifically formulated for oral health. Chew toys and rawhide can also help prevent tartar build-up. But regular brushing is the best way to keep your dog’s teeth healthy.

We will be happy to brush your dog’s teeth when you bring him in to the Klip Joint for grooming. Just let us know if you want this service when you call for your appointment. We will also let you know if we see anything that needs to be checked by your veterinarian. Your dog’s health and happiness is our first priority at the Klip Joint Dog Grooming!

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