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Just as cute in white

CJ, a white yorkie

Meet CJ – our Klip Joint dog of the week. CJ is a rare white factor Yorkie. The term “White” or “Parti” Yorkie refers to Yorkshire Terriers with over an inch of white hair. White Yorkies have become increasingly popular in recent years. The unique colors of the Parti Yorkie are due to a recessive gene. Even though they are not recognized as a pure bred dog by the AKC, white Yorkies are beautiful dogs and still have the great personality of a colored Yorkie. We do a Yorkie-Westie style of cut on CJ to keep her coat manageable for her owners. Yorkies have no undercoat and they do not shed, but they do need routine brushings to keep their hair coat nice and shiny.

Yorkies are active dogs and love attention. It is not uncommon for a Yorkie to be very sharp and alert, so they make great watch dogs; not because of their size but because they are quick to alarm their owners about a disturbance. Dogs of such small size were originally bred to catch rodents, which was a common job for many classifications of Terriers. In modern days, they are rarely needed for such jobs; especially in first world countries like the USA. They have remained popular breeds because their tiny size is so cute. The height of the Yorkshire terrier is approximately 8 or 9 inches tall. Their weights range from 4 to 7 pounds. They are loving and protective animals. Yorkshire Terriers are among the top 10 breeds in the entire world.

CJ’s owner uses our pick-up and delivery service. CJ loves to ride in the car, so she is never a problem when we pick her up, but we always transport dogs in a crate that is seat belted in to keep the dogs safe.

Call us for an appointment to groom your fluffy ruffy doggy today!

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