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Black is Beautiful, and fluffy!

Burly on his blanket

This week’s Klip Joint Dog of the Week is Burly, a very cute black Pomeranian. Burly is a regular visitor to the Klip Joint, where he receives a professional brushing and trimming of his beautiful, black coat.

Poms are famous for their fur and they do require some extra care. Brushing your dog is very important; this will prevent the matting. It is best to brush when the fur is wet. You may bathe your Pom or you can use a spray bottle with a mixture of 90% water and 10% conditioner.

A wide slicker brush works very well. You will also want to have a comb, to go over carefully over each area to check for tangles. One should brush AGAINST the natural growth; this aids in giving the “fluff”. Use the grooming time for bonding with your Pomeranian. Movements should be smooth and relaxing.

Combing and brushing each day will reduce the odds of a large mat. Why is this so important? Because if a mat cannot be worked out, it will need to be trimmed off. Doing this too often will ruin the appearance of that famous Pomeranian fluffy coat!

Using a wide tooth comb will help you find tangles that the brush does not. Gently go over every area. Do this slowly and gently in case you do come across matted fur. Removing them properly is vital. You will find that if you brush your Pomeranian every day, mats are unlikely to occur and this will save both you and your dog grooming time and the frustration of matted fur.

When you brush your dog, you will want to make sure to brush all areas of the body; this even includes the fur on the paws. Although it may seem as if your Pomeranian has one coat of hair, she has two. Lift the long layer of the top coat so that you can brush the bottom layer. Think of it as a person with layered hair; you can’t always see a drastic difference in layers unless you look closely. Brush gently and use a motion of down and out away from the body. Remember, to get your Pomeranian to look fluffy, the most important part of grooming is to brush up and out.

Regular grooming by a professional groomer, which includes bathing, brushing, trimming and nail clipping, will help keep your beautiful Pom healthy and happy. Bring your fluffy friend in for some TLC today!

Burly, Black Pomeranian

Burly, Black Pomeranian

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