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No Stinkers Here

Winston the collie

Our Klip Joint dog of the week is Winston, a full collie. He loves to go running in nature with the four other collies in his family. He comes to visit us about once a month for a bath and brush.

A few months ago he had a close encounter with a skunk and had to make an emergency visit for deod0rising. We used a combination of several over-the-counter de-skunking products, and after several shampooings, Winston is back to his sweet-smelling, lovable self.

Here is some pretty good advice from about getting out skunk scent:

The skunk’s spray is not only extremely foul smelling, but it is very hard to get out of a dog’s fur. Your dog may smell for quite some time if you do not act quickly. A fresh spray smells so bad it burns your nose. The closest comparison I can think of is the smell of burning rubber or plastic. If you or your pet get sprayed it is important to work quickly to get the skunk oil out and neutralized. If you do not act quickly the smell can last up to two years!

Tips: Before You Bathe Your “Skunked” Dog

  1. Before handling your dog, you may want to put on some old clothes. Skunk spray is actually an oil and is very difficult to remove from clothing. Do not let your dog lay in his dog bed or the skunk oils will get on the bed.
  2. If possible, leave the dog outside to prevent the odor-ridden oils from getting into your house.
  3. Determine where the spray hit the dog.  Depending on your dog’s hair type, you may be able to trim away or comb out some of the affected hair.
  4. You can use paper towels to soak up the oils from the coat before you begin washing. If you use a real towel you will most likely have to toss it as the oils may not come out 100% and your towel may smell for a long time. Be careful not to spread the oils from one part of the dog to another. Only wipe where the oils are already to avoid making the problem worse.
  5. When you’re ready to wash the dog, only clean the sprayed area. Skunk spray is oily and can easily be spread all over the dog. You will most likely have to give the dog more than one bath, so save an all-over bath until the second or third washing.

How do I get the odor out?

It may be particularly hard to get the odor out of those dogs with thick double coats. If quick action is not taken it is possible to smell the odor on your dog for up to two years, especially when the dog gets wet.

It is best to bathe your dog with a shampoo before the skunk’s sulfuric spray dries on the fur.

Store bought De-Skunking Products

There are several products you can buy at the store to de-skunk your dog, which I think work best, but one does not always have them on-hand when their dog gets sprayed.

Nature’s Miracle Skunk Odor Remover
Earth Friendly Skunk Odor Remover

Remember, immediate action is the key to getting skunk smell out of your dog’s fur.

If you have a smelly emergency, call the Klip Joint Dog Grooming. Your little stinker will be transformed back into a cuddly companion in no time!

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