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Goodbye to a sweet little dog

photo of Maltese dog - Woofy Killer

Today we would like to say a sad goodbye to our little Maltese friend, Woofy Killer, who passed away earlier this week. He was a tiny dog with a great big heart. “Killer”, as he was known at our shop, was a regular visitor, coming for a groom every two weeks since 2001. Although his name was “Killer”, it was a joke because he was such a sweet, easy-going little dog that loved everyone.

Here is what the AKC says about the Maltese dog: “For all his diminutive size, the Maltese seems to be without fear. His trust and affectionate responsiveness are very appealing. He is among the gentlest mannered of all little dogs, yet he is lively and playful as well as vigorous.”

That is a perfect description of Woofy Killer and we will miss this happy little white ball of fur a whole lot. Sweet dreams, Killer!

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