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Little Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun

Madame the Yorkie

These two tiny girls are Madame, the Yorkshire Terrier and Prada, a very small Pomeranian. They came in on Halloween to get dressed up for an evening costume party. These dogs may be little (very little), but they still need the careful attention to grooming of any bigger dog. And a few extra feathers are just the thing to create a festive look without interfering with their movement or making them afraid.

We often get asked at this time of year if it is ok to dress dogs in costumes. Many of our canine friends don’t mind wearing clothes and actually revel in the attention they get when they are wearing costumes. On the other hand, some dogs despise being dressed up and can even become frightened by all the hoopla.

Prada the Pomeranian

Prada the Pomeranian, ready for Halloween

You know your dog better than anyone. If you try and dress him up, pay attention to his response. Some dogs will tolerate simple costumes but not elaborate ones. Some dogs seem to enjoy being dressed up as long as there is nothing on their feet or head. Learn how to recognize your dog’s emotional state based on his body language. When in doubt, go with a simple Halloween themed bandanna instead.

Above all, stay safe. Make sure you don’t let your dog get into the human treats – candy and chocolate can really make your dog sick. And be sure you don’t leave your dog alone with decorations that might be toxic if chewed.

Here is a gallery of dogs in costumes if you need a little inspiration for next year.

Halloween candy is absolutely forbidden for pets – lollipop sticks can get stuck in a throat and candy wrappers can cause an obstruction. But the animal in your life likes a treat, too, so here are some recipes that are healthy for your pet – and tasty, too. There are also many stores online where safe Halloween treats can be purchased.

If your dog is upset by all the people and commotion at Halloween or other holidays, you may want to consider boarding them for the evening. At the Klip Joint Dog Grooming, we are happy to board your small dog for a few days if there is too much excitement at home. Be sure to call ahead of time to reserve a space.

Since our pets are members of our families, we want to make sure that they enjoy a happy and safe holiday just like everyone else. The Klip Joint can help with your holiday pet management and grooming needs. Give us a call today!

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