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Beautiful Boy

photo of Mason, a full collie, getting blow dried at the Klip Joint in Amarillo, TX

Our Klip Joint Dog Grooming dog of the week is Mason, an eleven-month-old Collie. He loves to romp in streams, so his owner likes to bring him in once a month for a bath and thorough brushing. It is important to get grooming started early in a dog’s life so they are comfortable with the process. Mason looks very calm and collected, but he can’t wait to get back outside and go for a run.

A little history: The exact origin of the Collie is uncertain, but they have existed for centuries as herding dogs of Scotland and England. They were used primarily as a drover dog, guiding cows and sheep to market. The true popularity of the breed came about during the 1860’s when Queen Victoria visited the Scottish Highlands and fell in love with the breed – from that point on Collies became very fashionable.

Whether your dog is long- or short-haired, pure or mixed breed, we can keep it clean and healthy at the Klip Joint in Amarillo, Texas. Give us a call today!

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