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In Memory of Skeeter

Skeeter - an aging border collie

Photo of Skeeter with birthday party hat on

Skeeter enjoyed popping the balloons on the wall at every party.

We are sad to announce the passing of the Klip Joint mascot, Skeeter. She has been a great companion and cheerleader for all our dogs and groomers since she first arrived as a puppy in 1999. Her cheerful “party animal” spirit will be greatly missed. Skeeter was a constant source of comic relief in our home and in the grooming shop. Chasing balloons, guarding the cats and herding the fish were just a few of the Skeeterisms that were a constant source of entertainment and joy for us, even into her elder years. We say goodbye to a loving friend and wish her well on her journey onward. Get’em Skeeter! Good Girl!

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