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G-Bo the Poodle


This week’s Klip Joint dog of the week is G-bo, a miniature poodle. G-bo is such a good boy and comes to see us often. He was named after two dogs his owners had before him – Ginger and Bo. I didn’t shave G-Bo really close because it’s winter and he tends to be cold. Dogs often need more bathing in the winter because of messy weather and that they are staying inside more. This is a busy time of year, so be sure to book your appointment now to be ready for Christmas company.


G-Bo before his bath.

















G-Bo after his bath and brush.
























Here is a video I found on YouTube that shows the typical fancy poodle groom that we usually do.


We can trim your dog any way you or the dog likes. We treat all dogs like champions – give us a call today to schedule an appointment!


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Puppy Love


Cute video from a friend of mine. Babies and dogs just go together! Have a great Thanksgiving!



Jazzing It Up!


Our Klip Joint Dog of the Week is Jazzy, a 3-year-old Maltese/Yorkie mix. Maltese and Yorkie dogs both have long hair that requires daily brushing to prevent matting. You can also wash their faces daily with a warm washcloth to prevent staining from food, etc.

Don’t forget to check the dog’s ears every week to make sure there is no infection. Indications of ear problems are sensitivity to touch, heavy wax buildup, debris, inflammation, strong odor, shaking or scratching the ears or tilting the head to the side. These are conditions that require a visit to your veterinarian. Maltese dogs are susceptible to bacterial and fungus infections. If  you like, we can remove hair inside their ears during grooming to help prevent infection.

Bring your fluffy friends to the Klip Joint for a complete makeover!

Jazzy - Before grooming

Jazzy – Before grooming

Jazzy about half-way through grooming.

Jazzy about half-way through grooming.

Jazzy finished grooming

Jazzy finished.

Baby Bear


This week’s Klip Joint dog of the week is Bear, a Yorkie – Chihuahua mix. Bear is actually 3/4 Yorkie and 1/4 Chihuahua – so he’s mostly Yorkie. His is three months old and this was his first groom. He was a little bit matted, so we ended up clipping him shorter than we would normally clip a Yorkie. He did really well for his first time and turned out super cute!

Yorkies need regular brushing to prevent matting. It’s very easy because they are so small and they love the extra attention.

Bring your fluffy friends to the Klip Joint for extra special coat care!

Bear - a Yorkie/Chihuahua mix, before grooming

Bear was looking a little shaggy when he came in for his first groom at 3 months.


Bear - after grooming and trimming

Bear was looking very handsome after a bath and clip.







Klip Joint Dog Grooming Wishes You a Happy and Safe Halloween!


Special Needs Dogs


Today I want to feature 3 special dogs that come to visit the Klip Joint for grooming.

First is Mr. Wilson. He is an elder dog. He always watches out the window for his owner, even though he can’t really see very well.

Mr. Wilson a small, elder, gray dog at Klip Joint dog grooming

Mr. Wilson watching for his ride.













Next is Bella. She has only one eye, but it doesn’t seem to slow her down. She is always very calm and cooperative when we groom her.


Bella, sweet little girl with one eye.











Last is Dee. Dee is a special dog that we have loved grooming for some time. Recently, she had a bad fall and broke her leg in such a way that it was better to amputate it than try to fix it. She has been doing very well and is adjusting to her new 3-legged life in positive way. She hasn’t been cranky at all and gets around now like nothing happened.


Dee, our gentle amputee.



At the Klip Joint, we will handle your special-needs dog with extra care, gentleness and patience to provide the most positive grooming experience possible.


Good Golly Miss Molly!


This week’s Klip Joint dog of the week is Molly, a super sweet Golden Retriever.





















She seemed really comfortable lying in the tub, so I left her there to get dry for a bit while I worked on another dog.

























When I came back I found her sound asleep! How cute is that?


















She seemed so bothered when I woke her up to brush her, but she managed to stay awake long enough for me to get her finished.

Your dogs are our babies, too, at the Klip Joint Dog Grooming!




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